We are a family of five based in the South East. Mum, Dad and three kids but we are no ordinary family! Our story is one of interest as it covers the adoption of three beautiful toddlers, along with reflecting on the challenges faced: the approval to adopt, the education system, transpiring disorders, support networks and more.

My husband and I are both professionals with backgrounds in IT and Accountancy. We married back in 1992 and decided to start a family approximately 4/5 years on.

Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in taking the next step, that is creating our very own family. After many years of trying, the disappointment became overwhelming and eventually soul destroying. We found ourselves at this unexpected juncture, not knowing which way to turn – IVF or adoption?

We chose adoption and now some seventeen years on – I hope to provide a valuable insight into our journey, which could potentially be useful to other couples/families in similar situations.

The initial blogs will cover the following areas:

- The decision to adoption

- Our adoption process

- The arrival of the kids

- Naughty or disorders?

- Parental adjustment

Ultimately my aspiration is to create awareness, help educate and above all, for many families, simply provide hope in the face of unprecedented challenges.

December 17, 2020 — Tim Daly